Muscota Marsh Harmony

Muscota Marsh Harmony

June 21, 2018


Muscota Marsh 

218th St & Indian Rd Inwood NYC

Muscota Marsh Harmony is a public, site-specific, music performance that integrates the local environment, community, and history of the northernmost part of Manhattan Island. Set in Muscota Marsh, near tidal wetlands, singers harmonize with their surroundings along with the personal recollections of community members recorded and played back through unobstrusive speakers scattered throughout the park space. This 45 minute performance invites the audience to wander through the park and listen to the stories and songs unfold. 

Presented as Part of NoMAA's Uptown Arts Stroll and Make Music New York 2018, with support from the Partnership for Parks Inwood Parks Grant, made possible by Columbia University. 

The Inwood neighborhood of New York City is a dynamic place with a fascinating history, from the Native Americans to its present place as a center for the Dominican diaspora. I want to focus this project in few different ways: between human intervention and the natural environment; between diverse English-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities; and between history and the present. My idea is to harmonize these dialectics into something approaching cohesion and to re-frame these differences into something new for the community.