Audio and video can be found on soundcloud here & here,  bandcamp, and vimeo

Some scores can also be found in The scorebook, john p. hastings : scores and drawings 2010, which can be purchased here.

2019 Passages | Pasajes - site specific work for performers and electronic loop boxes. Supported by LMCC and NY Parks Dept.

2019 — CRYSTALS - for performers with electronic loop boxes

2016-2019 — The Former World - opera /a collection of works (80 minutes), information here

2019 Drones from The Former World - for a variety electronically resonated, open-tuned, acoustic guitars with equalizers. Part of The Former World.

2018  Muscota Marsh Harmony - site specific work for 4 singers and pre-recorded sound on mobile speakers. 

2017 STRATA for a variety of performers with pre-recorded sound, debris, contact mics, electric tootbrush guitars, etc. Part of The Former World.

2017 Spirals for Jettie for clarinet and percussion. Part of The Former World. Written for Red Desert

2016 Text Operations from The Former World for four performers. Part of The Former World

2016 — LUMEN Resonant Sound Space performance installation for two players (5 hours) information here

2015 — Give the Drummer Some for drummer and vinyl recording (11′)

2015 — Guitarmony performance activity for two or more guitarists (16′) [score]

2014 - Pleasant Living in Planned Communities - rock band recording with Wormburner 

2014 — Melody & Accompaniment for two performers (open duration) [score]

2014 — a negation instructions for anti-performance activity (open duration) [score]

2014 — Year of the Snake for cassette tape and shoebox cassette player (9′) [audio]
Part of the suite, Folk Music

2014 — The Moon Shows No Light for string instrument (22′)
Part of the suite, Folk Music

2014 — Pete Seeger in Monte Carlo for banjo (15′) [video]
Part of the suite, Folk Music

2014 — Sonic Baptism for 4 performers with stereo playback and magnetic tape recorders (25′) [documentation]
Immersive environment featuring sound, recorded text playback, live text performance in a ritualized atmosphere. Created for Tommy Cobra.

2013 — Waves of Wagner - electronic re-recording of the prelude to Wagner’s Das Rheingold (76’)

2013  Singularity - Electronic music album produced with AndyK

2013 — Theory of Harmony for 6 or more performers with white noise generators (open duration) [audio]
Commissioned by Dedalus Ensemble.

2013 — White (Vermont) 6 performers with stereo playback (22′) [score] [audio]
Ergodic performance practice with environmental white noise from NE Vermont. A graphic score utilizing glyphs also creates a sense of duality and interpretation with the performers.

2013 — Oakland Shoreline Drone Space score with performers situated in space on the Oakland, CA shoreline (75′) [audio]
Part of the series, Sonic Incursions

2012 — Red Hook Harmony open score blending performers with ambient sound and scored harmony [score] [audio] [video]
Part of the series, Sonic Incursions

2012 — HUM 7 8 9 for massed humming and singing performers at or near a power generation station or transformer [score]  [audio] [video]
Part of the series, Sonic Incursions

2012 — terce for three percussionists (3’/9’/27’/81’/etc.) [score] [audio]
A set of parameters and a numerical grid for realizing a sounding space. Premiered by the Rootstock Ensemble at the 2012 Other Minds Festival 17 Fellowship concert.

2011 — Negative Space graphic score for any number of performers (open duration)
Graphic score reflecting the nature of space. Score and audio can be found at the Experimental Music Yearbook:

2011 — Structure (for Mies) chamber ensemble with digital drone and field recordings (open duration)
A sonic accumulation based on rational properties in the work of architect Mies van der Rohe. Originally released on the netlabel Absence of Wax. Download audio here. Performed as part of the lecture / installation by milligram office, Mies van der Rohe and Rhetoric of Structure. More information here.

2010 — Symmetric Convergence for 5 performers (open duration)
Instruments slowly converge on a singularity. As they do, microtones and aural beatings occur.

2010 — tone | field for at least 5 performers (open duration) [score]
An interlocking web of tones and voice leading.

2010 — bells for at least 4 players (open duration) [score]
An explosion or convergence of metallic sound, depending on its reading (can be performed in retrograde).

2010 — A Sound Map of the United States Stereo playback (45′)
A soundtrack of the United States circa Summer 2010. Field recordings from across the country. Released by the UK based label Compost & Height:

2010 — For Barnett Newman at least 8 performers (open duration) [score] [audio]
An ode to artist Barnett Newman, where a soft tapestry of instrumental noise is offset by a tonal zip from the ensemble.

2010 — Duo for Accordions for two accordions (2′) commissioned by Machine Project and the Hammer Museum

2010 — Tuba Duo for two tubas (2′) commissioned by Machine Project and the Hammer Museum

2010 — vibrations for 3 sustaining instruments and sine wave (18′) [score]
Based on Dan Flavin’s The Nominal Three, the piece reveals a new look at minimal structuring and greatly reductive tonal resources resulting in aleatoric phasing and beat patterns.

2009 — The Rocketship in Langley Park for large ensemble (15’)
Concerns the fusion of disparate, highly charged elements (arrayed in a just intonation chord, based on Mersenne Primes) into a single disappearing source (a kind of reverse engineering of branching harmony). Audio and score can be found at the Experimental Music Yearbook:

2009 — bands for large ensemble (18’) [audio]
Using La Monte Young’s Composition No. 7 as a starting point, the piece slowly bends a perfect fifth into a myriad of microtonal worlds. Premiered by the Dogstar Orchestra in June 2009.

2009 — The Broken Chord installation [documentation]
Installation using field recordings and sine tones. Installed at Hahamongna Watershed Park, Pasadena, CA as part of On the Trail of…. Curated by NewTown Arts.

2008 — Sonic Spiral for 11 tunable instruments (17’)
A sound equivalent of the fibonacci series. Music and math in direct correlation. Released on bandcamp recording Chamber Music.

2008 — Sonic Spiral installation version [documentation]
Installed at SoundWalk 2008, Long Beach, CA.

2008 — desertum for brass quintet and percussion quartet (14’ – 21’)
The dark shadow of an Earthly paradise. Released on bandcamp recording Chamber Music.

2008 — telluric currents for large ensemble (13’)
The music of the spheres, sounded with a low Bb. Released on bandcamp recording Chamber Music.

2007 — Fjord for contrabass quartet (12’) [score] [audio]
A study in shifting stasis.

2006 — THIAH for stereo playback (12’) [audio]
Field recordings and guitar feedback from an apartment in Los Angeles, CA.

2000 — Across the Divide for stereo playback (4’) [audio]
A sonic triptych regarding longing and separation. Realized at the Virginia Center for Computer Music.

2000 - The Long Walk Home - primary songwriter and guitarist / producer on rock band album by Utris

Compositions have been performed at Klangraum – KUNSTRAUM / JAZZ-SCHMIEDE (Dusseldorf, Germany), Instants Chavirés (Paris, France), La Chapelle Gély (Montpellier, France), the wulf. (Los Angeles, CA), Roy O. Disney Hall (Valencia, CA), The Wild Beast Pavilion (Valencia, CA), Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, CA), Meridian Gallery (San Francisco, CA), the LAB (San Francisco, CA), Festival of New American Music Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA, Old Cabel Hall (Charlottesville, VA), Ontological-Hysteric Theater / Incubator Arts Project (New York, NY) Presents Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Glasslands Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Willow Place Auditorium / S.E.M. Ensemble (Brooklyn, NY), ISSUE Project Room (Brooklyn, NY), HERE Arts Center (New York, NY) & Roulette (Brooklyn, NY).


I performed in a group called Ensemble 303 with Casey Thomas Anderson. The impetus of the group was to perform new and classic works in the experimental music tradition. We had six performances, including one of Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise. We self-released this and it can be found at CDBaby as well as iTunes. We have performed works by: George Brecht, Earle Brown, Ulrich Krieger, Michael Pisaro, Steve Reich, Tomas Schmit, Karlheinz Stockhausen, James Tenney, La Monte Young and Christian Wolff.

Rock and Roll

Wormburner: I play bass and guitar in the rock band Wormburner. Music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

UTRIS: The music for my old pop/rock band, Utris, can be found at CDBaby and iTunes.